MADYMO Interface

Overview of the MADYMO interface.

The MADYMO interface supports both the import and export of MADYMO files. A MADYMO .xml file can be read using the Import tab. The model will be displayed. The model can be altered and the finished model can be written using the Export tab.

User Profiles

The MADYMO interface has two sub-profiles.
  • MADYMO63
  • MADYMO70

Importing a MADYMO Model

The MADYMO input file is based on XML and must be converted to be used in HyperMesh. If HyperMesh supports the equivalent MADYMO entities, the mapping is straightforward. If HyperMesh does not provide the entity, a transformation rule is used.

Several MADYMO entities are mapped on the same type of HyperMesh entities; for example ACTUATOR, CONTROLLER, OPERATOR, SENSOR, SIGNAL, STATE and SWITCH are all mapped on sensor. This puts a restriction on the use of names for these entities; all names of the MADYMO entities mapped on the same HyperMesh entity must be unique, for example, a MADYMO SENSOR cannot have the same name as a MADYMO CONTROLLER. During the FE import process HyperMesh will rename the entities as required to avoid duplicate names.

Exporting MADYMO Models

During export only the nodes that are in use according to MADYMO are exported. HyperMesh temporary nodes are not exported even if they are used in a node set or a MADYMO node LIST. It is advised to remove all temporary nodes before exporting the model.

In general, the IDs of entities in the HyperMesh model correspond with the IDs in the MADYMO .xml file after exporting the model. An exception to this rule is when PLANES in MADYMO are a subtype of the entity SURFACE that contains also the subtypes CYLINDER and ELLIPSOID. The IDs must be unique within the SURFACE type. In HyperMesh these entities are mapped onto two different entities (mbplanes and ellipsoids) with their own unique numbering. Therefore, during export the mbplanes are renumbered to get unique MADYMO IDs for the PLANEs.