Bar/Beam 1D to 2D/3D Element Mapping

Use 1D source element data (results and current model with .csv) to map to 2D/3D target elements.

In this task you will learn how to map bar/beams to 2D/3D elements.
  1. Create or open a model containing 2D/3D target elements.
  2. Create and define a field entity:
    1. In the Model Browser, right-click and select Create > field from the menu.
    2. In the Entity Editor, set Source Type to results file, or current model with .csv results file-based results of temperature or displacements from 1D source elements.
  3. In the Model Browser, right-click on the field and select Realize from the menu.
  4. In the Field Realization dialog, define the realizations settings:

    Figure 1.
    1. Set Field Type to temperature or displacement.
    2. Set Interpolation to shapefunction.
    3. Select the appropriate Loadcases, DataTypes, and DataComponents.
    4. Click Apply.
  5. In the Field Realization dialog, click the Contour button to contour the results.

    Figure 2.