Model Image

The model image module captures images of the model in four standard views: Isometric, Left, Top and Front. It can include a custom image script by using an option predefined using the record tool. The two options for the module are:
  • Standard
  • Predefined
  1. Right-click at the report or chapter level and select Report/Chapter > Add > Modules > Model Image.
  2. Make your selections.
    1. Enter the name for the model image module.
    2. Select the View Type. The Standard option creates four standard views. The Predefined option executes a predefined script and attaches the output as an image. You must provide the script file path.
    3. File Path: The script path to grab the dynamic view of the model including display options that are recorded by the record tool.
      Once executed, an image output for the model image module is generated.