Export Solver Decks

Export solver input files.

HyperMesh uses templates to create the analysis input decks for finite element solvers. You can modify the existing templates to support a desired feature or create a new template to support another analysis code. HyperMesh templates can be used to create model summaries and perform some analysis calculations. You can also use the templates to perform complex editing or data manipulation tasks.

The Media (*.bif) is also supported for nodes, elements (mass, beam, tria3, quad4, tetra4, tetra10, penta6, penta15, hexa8, hexa20), and sets (nodes, elements) in the LS-DYNA user profile.

  1. Export a solver deck in the following ways:
    • From the menu bar, click File > Export > Solver Deck.
    • From the Standard toolbar, click (Export Solver Deck).
    The Export - Solver Deck tab opens.
  2. For File type, select the type of solver file to export.
  3. For Template, select the appropriate template file type.

    By default, this field is automatically set when you make your selection in the File type field, but if you have customized your template and want to use one other than the default, you can reset the option here.

  4. In the File field, specify a filename and location.
  5. Define Solver Deck Export Options by clicking to the left of Export Options.
  6. Click Export.