Youngs Modulus Study

Material stiffness and density is directly affected by the manufacturing process, especially in injection molding for plastic parts. In the industry, variations in Youngs Modulus,E-Modulus up to +/-30% are observed compared to supplier datasheets.

The Youngs Modulus Study Setup panel is as shown below.

Figure 1.
The Youngs Modulus Study Setup panel allows you to perform following operations -
  1. Select Parameter - a default selection list that shows the selected parameter. In this case, Youngs Modulus is the value.
  2. Global Variation % - value entry field to provide the parameter variation range
  3. Select All, Unselect All, Reverse Selection - parameter list selection options
  4. Parameter list table - table listing the materials in the model
  5. Add - to add a parameter variation study to the study table
  6. Update - to update an existing study parameter
  7. Parameter Variation Study table - a table listing the study variations created