LS-DYNA Interface 2021 Release Notes

LS-DYNA Interface

New Features

Support of LS-DYNA solver version R12.0
The latest LS-DYNA solver version R12.0 is now supported, along with major keywords updates and new keywords in the following groups *AIRBAG, *CONTACT, *CONTROL, *DEFINE_CPM, *DEFINE_FRICTION, *INTERFACE_COMPONENT, *MAT, *SECTION.
Elemental time step quality criteria
The shell elemental time step is now available as meshing quality criteria, which adapts the quality of the mesh with respect to the solver elemental time step value.

Figure 1.

Resolved Issues

  1. Issue 1: Multiple instances of include files into a single *INCLUDE keyword can now be imported.
  2. Issue 2: Corrections made to enable reading all keywords in I10 or mixed format of decks when the keyword is respectively written with a “%”, “+” or “-” at the end.

LS-DYNA Interface


Reader enhancements
Summary Supported Format
Support for airbag material leakage data (from LS-DYNA R11.1). ABSTAT
LS-DYNA BINOUT file with ELOUT subcase properly displays beam history results in HyperGraph. BINOUT


Support for legend block in DISBOUT file (from LS-DYNA R11.1). DISBOUT
Support for legend block in SSSTAT file (from LS-DYNA R11.1). SSSTAT