Abaqus Interface 2021 Release Notes

Abaqus Interface

New Features

Abaqus parts and instances modeling
  • Importing a geometry and realizing it as Abaqus parts and instance format model.
  • Ability to set-up part definitions like properties, and synchronize with other instances of the same part.
  • Create parts and instances models in HyperWorks from scratch.
  • Ability to set-up all assembly details like connections and contacts, using tools available in HyperWorks.
  • Complete runnable parts and instance format input file set-up and export.
Special elements tool for cohesive element modeling
Cohesive elements used in debonding and delamination studies can be modeled with special elements tool available under 3D mesh.


Auto Contact update
Feature angle based individual contact surface detection is now set as default contact detection.
Updated keywords
  • *RIGID BODY – The reference node is updated with an option to reference a node set.
  • *COUPLING – A node set can be used for the reference node when type is element based surface.
Additional enhancements
  • Support of *AMPLITUDE curve inside *STEP definition.
  • MAX1D – Axisymmetric membrane element is supported in Standard 2D profile.
  • Up to 8 nodes of an element is written in the same line upon export of input file.
  • Export option for *SURFACE to be exported in list format for elements.

Resolved Issues

  • PARAMETER dependency on other PARAMETERS and reconciling issue is fixed.
  • Element configuration was changing when profile is changed from standard to explicit and it is now resolved.
  • Beam section CENTROID, SHEAR CENTER data that are improperly imported is now fixed.
  • An include file containing data lines under *FILM was not exporting, and the issue is resolved in this version.
  • A *COUPLING node with surface type as node will be lost and this issue is fixed.

Abaqus Interface

New Feature

Abaqus 2021 Reader
HyperView now supports post-processing Abaqus 2021 ODB files.