Altair ultraFluidX 2021.1 Release Notes


Library updates and additions (CUDA, Open MPI, and UCX)
ultraFluidX 2021.1 utilizes more recent versions of CUDA (version 11.2.1), Open MPI (version 4.1.0), and UCX (version 1.10.0).

Resolved Issues

  • Turbulence model contribution to the total viscosity was missing in several secondary parts of the code.
  • Formation of a pressure wave at the end of the overset ramp-up phase.
  • Voxels inside under-resolved gaps and grooves with rotating boundary condition did not receive a wall velocity contribution.
  • Potential surface mapping issue for baffle parts that created non-physical values on the baffle surface.
  • Post-processing error caused by empty files for partial surfaces and monitoring surfaces of an overset mesh simulation.
  • Unexpected mesh refinement pattern close to the wall for a wall-normal refinement interface.
  • Time- and window-averaged velocity values were unavailable in the monitoring surface output.
  • Incorrect order of boundary conditions and flow computations in the mesh transition region.
  • Excessive output of monitoring surface variables in effective solver deck.
  • Potentially asymmetrical effective domain bounding box in y-direction.
  • Potential dependency of results on the number of GPU devices for cases with MRF.