Suppression of Small Geometry Features

This option controls how small geometry features are meshed into segments, triangles and tetrahedra (where applicable).

This option creates a mesh using the standard mesh size. To create an accurate presentation of the model, the mesh can potentially contain a number of very small mesh elements.
This option creates a mesh with an improved mesh quality for small features (for example, long narrow slivers or faces that are close together).
This option creates a mesh that ignores small details in the model at a possible cost of accurate model representation. This option may at times allow the meshing of faces that otherwise cannot be meshed with the default settings.
Geometry smaller than [%]
Specifies the limit to what is considered a small feature. The limit is expressed as a percentage of the largest mesh size1. If the geometry detail is smaller than the limit, it is either optimised or ignored.
1 The mesh size is specified on the Create mesh dialog (Options tab).