Advanced Mesh Import Options

View the supported mesh import options (depending on the type of file to be imported).

Import segments, triangles, tetrahedra, cuboids, polygons, cylinders or quadrangles
Select the elements to import.
Note: Quadrangles are divided into triangles.
Group into separate parts (using labels)

Import meshes into separate parts. During the import process, faces are grouped into parts as they were at the time of export. Imported meshes without labels are grouped as UnknownMeshParts parts in the model tree.

To import the mesh as a single mesh part with label MeshImport, unselect the Group into separate parts (using labels) check box.

Default wire radius
Only ANSYS files support segment radius information. For all other formats and ANSYS files where the segment radius is not specified, a default radius must be specified.
Scale factor to metres
A scale factor can be specified if the unit of the imported mesh is not in metres.
Segment length
For meshed AutoCAD DXF files, the LINE elements are divided into segments according to the value of the Segment length. If the LINE elements may not be sub-divided, this value must be larger than the longest line. This option is only available for .dxf mesh imports.
Mesh vertex tolerance
The mesh vertex tolerance is specified. If the tolerance is small, Feko will interpret the vertices as connected. Usually, the default setting should suffice.
Mesh conversion
In cases where the resulting mesh is in a different format than the source mesh, the mesh conversion option can be specified to determine the output mesh format. This option is available for voxel mesh imports.
Merge identical media
For mesh formats where materials are specified, this option provides functionality to merge media with identical properties. An optional prefix can be provided to append the imported material label.