Mesh Formats for Import

View the supported mesh formats for import.

CADFEKO imports most of the mesh formats1 by running PREFEKO and importing the resulting .fek file. Since these formats do not support specifying dielectric media, all segments, triangles and polygonal plates are imported as PEC structures in free space. Tetrahedra obtain the medium Unknown.

When importing .fek files, only the mesh parts (wire segments, triangles, polygonal plates and tetrahedra) are imported. Information regarding the solution configuration is completely ignored. Medium information and segment radii are retained during import.

The following mesh formats are supported for import:
Formats File Format
Feko model .fek
CADFEKO mesh .cfm
Feko HyperMesh .fhm
Femap neutral .neu
AutoCAD .dxf
STL .stl
ANSYS .cdb
GiD .msh
NEC data .nec
I-DEAS universal format .unv
Voxel .raw, .txt

Femap Neutral Mesh

Boundary surfaces, bordered with line curves, are imported as polygonal plates.


Only LINE and POLYLINE structures, which define segments and triangles, are supported.


Hexahedral elements are ignored.
1 Except for .fek file, .raw file and .txt file imports