Creating and Configuring the Model

Create the dual_antenna_with_far_field.cfx base model with a far field request.

  1. Create a new CADFEKO model.
  2. Import the antenna model for the dual_antenna.dxf file.
  3. Follow the steps in Completing the Model to create the model.
  4. Place wire ports at both feed pads of the dual antenna.
  5. On the Request tab in the Solution requests group, select Far fields.
  6. Click 3D pattern to request a full 3D pattern.
    Note: Optenni Lab requires a full 3D pattern when optimising the matching networks with far field data.
  7. [Optional] Increase the increment of the number of phi and theta points.
  8. Click Create to create the far field request.
  9. Follow the steps in Meshing the Model to setup the mesh.
  10. Save the model as dual_antenna_with_far_field.cfx.