Completing the Model

Complete the model construction in CADFEKO.

The imported model contains only partial geometry. Complete the model construction in CADFEKO.
  1. Create the ground plane rectangle at Z = -0.508.
  2. Add a line between the feed pad and the ground plane.
  3. Add a wire port to the line.
  4. Create the vias using lines and Copy special and translate.
  5. Delete the redundant polylines.
  6. Union the remaining geometry.
  7. From the Media library, add Copper to the model.
  8. Change all the PEC faces to Copper with thickness 35e-3.
  9. Add a new dielectric medium:
    • Relative permittivity: 3.55
    • Dielectric loss tangent: 0.003
    • Label: Substrate
  10. Add a Planar multilayer substrate.
    • Thickness (Layer 1): 0.508
    • Medium (Layer 1): substrate
  11. Set a continuous frequency range from 1 GHz to 3 GHz.
    On the Export tab, select the Specify number of samples for exported data check box and enter a value of 101.