Creating the Model

Create the model in CADFEKO. Define any ports and sources required for the model. Specify the operating frequency or frequency range for the model.

The wire feed model is changed to use a waveguide feed.

  1. Use the model considered in Wire Pin Feed Model and rename the file.
  2. Delete the voltage source.
  3. Delete the wire port.
  4. Delete the line.
  5. Apply a waveguide port to the back face of the horn.
    Note: The face type for the port (rectangular, coaxial or circular) is determined automatically by CADFEKO.
    Tip: Inspect the port to check if the propagation direction and orientation of the port is correct.
  6. Add a waveguide source on the waveguide port. Use the default settings.
  7. Add an additional plane of symmetry about the Y=0 plane.
    Note: The unsymmetrical wire pin feed in Wire Pin Feed Model did not allow for an additional symmetry plane at the Y=0 plane.