Creating the Model

Create the model in CADFEKO. Define any ports and sources required for the model. Specify the operating frequency or frequency range for the model.

For this example, an impressed field distribution of the TE10 mode in a rectangular waveguide is used as a source.

To obtain the field distribution, a separate model of a waveguide section with a near field request is solved.
Note: The separate model (Create_Mode_Distribution_cf.cfx) is included with the example.

The near fields are exported to .efe and .hfe files and then used as input for the near field source.

  1. Use the model considered Waveguide Feed Model and rename the file.
  2. Delete the waveguide port.
    Note: Deleting the waveguide port should also delete the waveguide source.
  3. Define the near field data definition.
    • E-field file: Create_Mode_Distribution_cf_NearField1.efe file.
    • H-field file: Create_Mode_Distribution_cf_NearField1.hfe file.
    • Clear the Also sample along edges check box.
    • Width (W): wa
    • Height (H):wb
    • Number of points along U: 10
    • Number of points along V: 5
  4. Create the Near field equivalent source.
    • Magnitude scale factor: 1
    • Phase offset (degrees): 0
    • Field data: NearFieldData1.
    • Change the workplane origin to (-wa/2, -wb/2, -wl + lambda/4).
      Note: The symmetry applied to Waveguide Feed Model would only be valid if the near field data is also symmetrical.