Move Tool

Use the Move tool to translate, rotate, and align parts and other objects.

This tool can be accessed from the Home group or by pressing M or T on your keyboard.

Drag the white planes or arrow manipulators to move selected objects, or enter a value in the microdialog to move them a precise distance. You can also select a plane or arrow to restrict translation or rotation to the selected plane or direction. Select the tool center to translate in 3D.

Figure 1. 1D Translation Within a Plane

Figure 2. 2D Translation Within a Plane

Figure 3. 2D Rotation Within a Plane

Figure 4. 3D Translation

Certain types of entities (like parts, concentrated masses, and forces) can be moved with the Move tool. Other entities such as sketch entities cannot be moved because their position and orientation are determined by the object to which they are applied. When a part is translated or rotated, all entities applied to the part move with it.

Microdialog Options

The Move tool's microdialog options will change based on which graphic manipulator is selected.

Option Description
Align the Move tool to the global axes.
Align the Move tool to the selected object's local axes (available only in repositioning mode, after the Move tool has been repositioned out of alignment with the object).

Click the icon to link a selected feature to a snap reference point. Click it again to break the snap reference.

Show the object's most recent position before it was last moved.

Restore the object to its position prior to the most recent move.
X, Y, Z Enter the distance to translate the object along the tool's axes in their respective fields.

Keyboard Shortcuts & Mouse Controls

To Do this
Activate the Move tool M or T
Add to or remove from selection Ctrl
Reposition the Move tool Shift+drag or double-click
Exit repositioning mode Release Shift or right-click
Temporarily disable snapping Alt
Exit tool Esc

Video: Maintain Snap Reference

This video shows the difference between moving objects with the Maintain Snap Reference option disabled vs enabled.