Altair Multiscale Designer 2021.1 Release Notes


Abaqus Multiscale Designer Material Model Export
Enhanced Multiscale Designer material model export to Abaqus. The export now includes state design variable (SDV) names associated with each SDV. In addition, a minimum list of SDV output for post-processing Multiscale Designer material models is exported. These enhancements facilitate easier post-processing, where now in the post-processor you’ll see the name of the SDV and not just the SDV number.

Resolved Issues

  • Multiscale Designer Material Models with Woven Unit Cells had issues with transformations not properly being performed for the Tow-Y phase. This caused some inaccuracies with material models of woven unit cell types only. All transformation issues have been properly resolved and it is suggested to re-run all woven unit cell models through Multiscale Designer v2021.1 to correct the issue.
  • Convergence of Step 4 Macro Model Simulations (Virtual Test) with thermal loads has been improved.