Altair Mechanical Solvers 2021.1 Release Notes

Altair Compute Console 2021.1 Release Notes

New Features
Submit from Windows Host to Remote Windows Server
This capability requires native Windows SSH (OpenSSH) installed on a remote server and does not allow disconnect while the job is running. It is intended for immediate execution (no PBS scheduler submission).
Fluid Structure Interaction Jobs
Submit Fluid Structure Interaction jobs for the AcuSolve and EDEM solvers, in addition to previously implemented AcuSolve and OptiStruct, and AcuSolve and MotionSolve.
Remote Submission for MPI Jobs
Improved remote submission for MPI jobs - OptiStruct, Radioss, and AcuSolve.
Remote Submission from Command Line or Batch Script
Improved capability to submit remote or FSI jobs from the command line or batch script.