Altair HyperCrash 2021.1 Release Notes

Solver Interfaces

Radioss Interface


Radioss Keywords Support
The following Starter keywords have been added or updated per the latest solver version: /AIRBAG/FVMBAG1, /DEF_SOLID, /INTER/TYPE25, /MAT/LAW104, /PROP/TYPE6, /PROP/TYPE14, /PROP/TYPE20, /PROP/TYPE21, /PROP/TYPE22, /PROP/TYPE43, /SENSOR/ENERGY
The following new Engine keywords have been added or updated per the latests solver version: /ANIM/BEAM/EPSP, /RFILE/OFF

Resolved Issues

  • Some issues in the Sub-modeling process are fixed:
    • In some cases, a different number of nodes in the cutting section between the full and sub-model was generated.
    • In specific cases, a segmentation error in the process was found.
    • The initial velocity defined by /INIVEL/AXIS was not written properly.
  • Correction in reading /PROP/USER2.
  • Model Checker: Correction made in the check “Incompatible settings for iframe, isolid, and ismstr for Law 70.”