Nastran Interface 2021.1 Release Notes

Nastran Interface

New Features

Contact Browser Enhancements Nastran (NX)
  • Contact browser supported in Nastran (NX) interface similar to Nastran (MSC) interface.
  • Auto contact tool support extended to Nastran (NX).
  • BCTSET, BGSET contact types are supported through contact browser for auto creation and manual creation.
  • BSURF card migrated to set entity.
  • BSURFS card migrated to set segment entity.
ID Pool for Elements
  • Connector elements (RBE2,RBE3,RJOINT,RBE1, GENEL,etc), Aeroelasticity panels, and structural elements can share same ID space in Nastran.
  • To handle Nastran behavior, the interface now supports ID pool for structural and connector elements.
  • Duplicate ID's are supported for elements, properties, aeroelasticity panel, and HyperMesh entities in the Nastran (NX) interface.
  • A new solver option added in import browser, “renumber the ids to match solver ids,” for elements with shared id space are synced with solver ids during import process.
Mechanism Browser
  • Support of Mechanism Browser is extended to Nastran interfaces.
  • Create and articulate a kinematic mechanism based on FE mesh using available joint types in the Mechanism Browser.
  • In HyperWorks, the browser is invoked through Mechanism tool on the Assembly ribbon.
LoadStep Inputs Entity
  • New entity to migrate Nastran bulk cards from loadcolletor to loadstep inputs entity with engineering configuration.
  • Some of the bulk cards, for example EIGRL, EIGRA, EIGC, NLPARM, and so forth, are migrated to loadstep inputs entity.
Visualization Support for LOADADD
  • LOADADD card is mapped to the loadcollector entity which is defined with a scale factor for each load in the list.
  • Visualization of LOADADD is possible as a vector plot or contour including the scale factors from the Solver Browser.
  • Load referenced in LOADADD must be new load management entity.


General Enhancements
  • Enable Large or Standard format export setting for individual includes.
  • TABLED1/TABLES1/TABLEM1 cards with large precision are exported in comma-separated format by default.

Resolved Issues

  • HyperWorks was missing “export DMIG in large format” option.
  • NLPCI import issue with undefined type in NLPARM card.
  • CTRIAR missed component organization on export.