Altair HyperLife Weld Certification 2021.1 Release Notes

New Features

Regulation DVS1608
DVS 1608 applies to Welded structures from aluminum alloys in railway applications published by German Welding Society. This release of HyperLife Weld Certification supports fatigue endurance assessment of welded joints made of Aluminum alloys in railway applications as per the DVS 1608 recommendations.
Abaqus and ANSYS Files Support for Shell Models
Welded evaluation for shell elements now supports Abaqus files (INP and ODB) and ANSYS files (CDB and RST).
HyperLife Weld Certification Session File (HLF)
The HLF file retains the HyperLife Weld Certification settings: weld data, assigned regulation, material selection, and load mapping.
Modify Weld Type
The Weld Manager facilitates modifying the type of weld automatically detected by the tool. For example, T-weld to L-weld or Cross-weld to T/ L-weld. This in turn updates the number of evaluation points based on the new weld type selection.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue noticed on using Measure tool is resolved.
  • Y-axis label for Unwelded Material Plots with EuroCode 3 changed to Stress Range.

Known Issues

  • When a session file is imported to perform any result query, there are limitations with View Report (Utilization Report) that can be accomplished using Query Element Result.