Create and Edit Mesh Controls

Mesh controls can be created for batch meshing, surface meshing, adaptive wrap meshing, volume meshing and refinement zones.

Model and local mesh control entity selection behaves as follows:
  • If entities are selected in the model control, they will be directly used and you will not be prompted for any additional selection.
  • If no entities are selected in the model control, you will be prompted for an “on-the-fly” entity selection:
    • The entity type set for the model control is the type of entity you will be prompted to select.

      For example, a size and bias control for surfaces can refer to surfaces, components, and regions. Whatever is set as the current type in the active model control is what you will be promoted to select on-the-fly.

  • Entities must be defined for local controls. Entities that are part of the local control selection must also be part of the model/on-the-fly selection. Any local entities that are not part of the model/on-the-fly selection are ignored.
  • The use of regions for selection is recommended wherever possible for ease of use and best compatibility with future workflows.
  1. From the Mesh Controls Browser, right-click and select Create from the context menu.

    The mesh control is created, and its corresponding parameters are displayed in the Entity Editor.

  2. In the Entity Editor, define mesh control parameters.
    1. In the Name field, enter a name for the mesh control.
    2. Under Entity Selection, use the entities selector to select entities to associate with the mesh control.
    3. Define additional parameters accordingly.

You can edit mesh controls at any time by selecting them in the Mesh Controls Browser and modifying them in the Entity Editor.

  • Create mesh controls specific for the different meshing types and refinement zones by right-clicking on a corresponding folder in the Mesh Controls tab.
  • Duplicate mesh controls by right-clicking on a mesh control and selecting Duplicate from the context menu. You can only duplicate one mesh control at a time.

Figure 1.