Streamlines and Tracers

Use the Streamlines panel to generate streamlines using any available nodal or elemental vector field, typically a velocity field, and also to animate the streamlines with tracers (particle tracing).

Velocity fields are directly written to H3D files by many solvers such as Radioss, HyperXtrude and Moldflow. Velocity fields and other scalar and vector data fields are also saved in EnSight format by most CFD solvers. HyperView has a direct reader of EnSight files, thus allowing post-processing of typical CFD results from a large class of industry practices. The EnSight file type (*.encas, *.case) is available in the Files of type drop-down menu, located in the Load Model File or Load Results File selection dialog. In addition, EnSight files produced by SC/Tetra are also able to be loaded into HyperView by selecting this file type from the drop-down menu located in the Reader Options dialog.

To open the Streamlines panel, in HyperView, click the icon on the toolbar.