Advanced Options Dialog

The Advanced button in the Streamlines Settings area of the Streamlines panel opens the Advanced Options dialog, where you can change a number of parameters which control how the streamlines are generated.

These settings will affect all rakes.
Integration method
Second order Runge-Kutta integration scheme.
Integration step length
Fraction of local element size to be used as the step length for integration.
Decimation criteria (used to reduce the memory consumption)
Activate this checkbox to enable streamline decimation.
Max break angle
Maximum break angle (in degrees) between consecutive streamline segments.
Max speed variation
Maximum variation of speed (in percentage of the average vector field over the domain) between consecutive streamline segments.
Max line segment length
Maximum streamline segment length in percentage of bounding box size.
Termination criteria
Max length
Maximum length of a single streamline.
Max number of steps
Maximum number of integration steps for a single streamline.
Terminate speed
Terminates the streamline integration if the speed is smaller than the percentage of the average vector (velocity) field over the domain.
Delete Streamlines
Deletes any existing streamlines for the selected rakes from the model.