Other POSTFEKO Application Macros

A collection of smaller POSTFEKO application macro are available, but these macros do not include step-by-step instructions.

Copy Graph Formatting

This application macro copies selected properties from the reference graph to the selected target graphs. It allows you to change the window caption and graph title with ease. Supported graph types are Cartesian graph, polar graph and Smith chart.

Advanced Field Processing

This application macro calculates simple statistical parameters, for example, median, minimum, maximum, average, cumulative distribution function (CDF) and histogram for far fields and near fields for any given configuration.

Average Gain

This application macro calculates the average gain or average realised gain over frequency or angular range.

Calculate Mixed Mode S-Parameters

This application macro converts 4-port single-ended S-parameters to mixed-mode (differential and common mode) S-parameters and plots the single-ended and mixed-mode S-parameters on a Cartesian graph and Smith chart.

Calculate Zin from Rho

This application macro converts the co-polarised reflection coefficient to an equivalent input impedance relative to the free-space impedance.

Calculate Percentage Gain above Threshold

This application macro calculates the percentage far field samples that are above a specified threshold and displays the total gain that is above or equal to the threshold on a 3D view.

Maximum Coupling from Two Port S-Parameters

This application macro calculates the maximum coupling between two ports from S-parameter data.

Convert S-Parameters to Y and Z-Parameters

This application macro converts the selected S-parameters to Z- and Y-parameters.

RCS Upsampling

This application macro resamples a monostatic radar cross-section (RCS) through half-period interpolation via the fast Fourier transform (FFT).

Filter Near Fields

This application macro filters a near field result based on a specified threshold or range.

Parameter Sweep - Resource Usage

This application macro plots the memory and runtime of permutations of a parameter sweep.
Note: Run Parameter Sweep: Create Models to set up the CADFEKO model.

Energy Density Calculator

This application macro calculates the equivalent energy densities from a near field data set.

Group Delay Calculator

This application macro calculates the group delay from S-parameters for an arbitrary N-port system.

Calculate Skin Depth

This application macro calculates the skin depth from either resistivity or conductivity.

Plot Smith Chart Reference Circle

This application macro to adds a reference trace (circle) on a Smith chart. The resulting trace can also be copied to a Cartesian graph resulting in a straight line on the Cartesian graph.

3D View Synchroniser

This application macro synchronises all 3D views model orientation in the POSTFEKO session to the reference view.

DRE File Import

This application macro imports a data set from a DRE file into POSTFEKO.

DRE File Export

This application macro exports a data set to DRE file format from POSTFEKO.

Import Altair WinProp Trajectory Results

This application macro imports Altair WinProp trajectory results into POSTFEKO. The results are normally from a virtual drive test where one evaluates wireless connectivity along a trajectory, for example, a trajectory of several kilometres length near an LTE base station in a (sub)urban scenario.

Parameter Sweep: Combine Results

This application macro merges different permutations of a parametric model generated by the associated CADFEKO parameter sweep macro.
Note: Run Parameter Sweep: Create Models to set up the CADFEKO model.

Create an Altair HyperStudy Extraction Script

This application macro generates an Altair HyperStudy extraction script that reads the trace data from a Cartesian graph or polar graph. It requires that the name of the .pfs file and Feko model match, and are stored at the same location.