Creating a Transmission Line

Create a transmission line using a polyline curve with four corners. Zoom to extents to view the full model in the 3D view.

Create the transmission line.

  1. Create a polyline. The length of the polyline is 12 m along the Y axis, placed 50 mm above ground.
    1. On the Construct tab, in the Create curve group, click the  Polyline icon.
    2. On the Create polyline dialog, click Add button to add a third corner.
    3. Repeat Step 1.b to add a fourth corner.
    4. Create the transmission line with four corners defined at:
        U V N
      Corner 1 0 2 0
      Corner 2 0 2 0.05
      Corner 3 0 14 0.05
      Corner 4 0 14 0
    5. Click Create to create the polyline and close the dialog.

Zoom to the extent of the window to view the full model in the window.

  1. On the View tab, in the Zooming group, click the  Zoom to extents icon.