Defining Calculation Requests

Define the calculation requests in CADFEKO.

The model uses multiple configurations.
  • The first configuration is a standard configuration for calculating the currents.
  • The second configuration is an S-parameter configuration.
  1. Define the standard configuration (default configuration).
    1. Set the frequency for the standard configuration to 300 MHz.
    2. Add two voltage sources to the I and Q feed ports for the quadrature excitation.
      • The magnitude is set to 20 V for both ports.
      • A 90┬░ phase delay is set on the Q port.
    3. Create a currents request (all currents).
    4. Create a near field request at Z=0.
  2. Add an S-parameter configuration.
    1. Set a continuous frequency range for the S-parameter configuration from 290 MHz to 310 MHz.
    2. Set the ports PortI1 and PortQ1 to Active.