Feko Source

When the "Feko Source" option is selected, the following panel is shown:

Figure 1. Feko Source Panel

This panel allows the user to add a new Feko Source. A Feko Source is a type of antenna that is defined by an EFile file (a file with a .EFELD extension) and an HFile file (a file with a .HFELD extension). This file defines a geometry made from points, where each point is assigned a current density.

The user can import the required files by pressing the "Browse" button and selecting the file in their hard drive. Before adding the Feko Source antenna to the simulation, the user needs to specify the following parameters:
  • Displacement: This parameter is a vector that specifies the translation applied to the points of the insight file when added to the simulation.
  • Orientation: This parameter allows the rotation of the points of the Insight file. There are several ways the user can specify this rotation: by giving each of the axis directions of the transformation, by specifying spherical rotation angles, by specifying rotation angles on each axis or by specifying the Z axis and a rotation angle.

If the "Relative to reference plane" check box is checked, the displacement and rotation will be relative to the current reference plane coordinate system.

When the user has finished setting up the parameters of the Feko Source, they need to press the "Save" button in order to actually add the antenna to the simulation.

Figure 2. Feko Source Set Up