DataSet Structure: S-Parameter

Table 1. Required properties for scattering matrices (s-parameters).
Property name Property type Description
Frequency Axes Every S-parameter DataSet requires a valid frequency axis. (Hz)
S-parameter Axes The string values here represent the scattering matrix element definitions in the form S x,y , which indicates the ratio between the voltage wave measured at port x as a result of the voltage wave excited at port y.
PortFlag Quantities A value indicating whether the port is active or passive (or both). If the value is 0, then the port is treated as a passive port. If the value is 1, then the port is considered to be adding and absorbing energy from the model.
Load Quantities A complex component that is added to a model that has the property of being able to dissipate energy. ( Ω )
SParameter Quantities Complex scattering parameters relate (magnitude and phase) the voltage wave measured at a port versus the voltage wave that is inserted into port.