DataSet Structure: Source

Table 1. Required properties for sources.
Property name Property type Description
Frequency Axes Every source requires a valid frequency axis. (Hz)
Current Quantities Currents are complex values that are measured in Ampere. (A)
Admittance Quantities The reciprocal of impedance and is measured in Siemens and is a complex value. (S)
Power Quantities The rate at which energy is expended. This is equal to the current times the voltage and is measured in Watts, which is a complex value. (W)
Type Quantities A value must be given to help indicate what type of source the DataSet represents. A value of 0 represents a voltage source, where a value of 1 represents a current source.
Impedance Quantities The total opposition to current flow and the ratio of the voltage to the current. It is measured using the complex value Ohm. ( Ω )
MismatchLoss Quantities The fraction of power that is reflected to or transmitted to other ports, for example, the amount of power that does not enter the system. This is a scalar value with no unit.
Voltage Quantities The potential difference over the port which is a complex value measured in Volts. (V)