Processing and Modifying a DataSet

A typical use for the scripting functionality is to modify existing results.

The steps to process and modify a DataSet.
  1. Create and simulate a model.
  2. Create a math script:
    1. Pull a single result or multiple results into the script.
    2. Perform processing on the results in the scripting environment.
    3. Store the results of the script in a DataSet that is accessible in the POSTFEKO session.
  3. Display and process the results.
These steps assume that a valid DataSet is pulled in and being manipulated. Therefore, it is not necessary to create or modify any of the Axes, Quantities or MetaData fields. The data stored in the DataSet must simply be accessed and modified. However, the data block in a DataSet cannot be accessed directly. Instead, an indexing scheme is available with which to reach an element.