Viewing the Mask on a Cartesian Graph

Display the piece-wise linear mask used to define the optimisation goal, on a Cartesian graph.

Note: Access masks from the project browser.
  1. In the project browser, select the model containing the defined mask.
  2. In the model browser, select the Model tab.
  3. In the tree, expand Optimisation.
  4. Under Optimisation, expand Masks.
  5. Select a mask. From the right-click context menu, select one of the following options:
    • To add the mask to the currently selected Cartesian graph, click Add to active window.
    • To create a new Cartesian graph and add the mask, click Send to new Cartesian graph.

      Figure 1. The project browser containing two mask definitions.
    Note: Scale the mask trace to view the mask on the same axis as the goal.

    On the Trace tab, in the Units group, click the  Transform axis (horizontal) icon.