CAD Fixing Tools Overview

Use the CAD fixing tools to repair a range of CAD geometry issues and faults on primitive parts. The tools repair the fault-containing CAD model for analysis by reducing the complexity and removing faults in the model.

  • Apply the CAD fixing tools directly after importing a model.
  • The CAD fixing tools only act on primitive parts1.
  • First, attempt the Repair part tool.
  • In a number of cases, it might be necessary to apply several of the CAD fixing tools in succession to obtain a usable model.
For most cases, the default settings for the CAD fixing tools will suffice. When modifying the advanced settings of the CAD fixing tools, a general rule of thumb is to use the smallest tolerance possible, or no tolerance at all, if the option allows.
Note: Specified tolerances are given in the model unit.
1 The primitive parts are non-parametric (cannot be re-evaluated), and this is required since the tools act directly on the underlying geometry.