Creation History of a Geometry Part

Remove the creation history of a geometry part to reduce memory and processing time for complex models by converting it to a primitive part.

CADFEKO stores the creation history of every part, allowing you to modify the part at any point in the creation history, but at a cost that the history may require a significant amount of memory and processing time for complex models.

For example, if a small component of a union operation is modified, CADFEKO needs to recreate the parent parts to re-execute the union. Since these are not stored at every level, it means constructing them again from the lowest level up. However, quite often a large part of the model remains unchanged.

For example, it unlikely that the model of a specific motor vehicle will be modified to another model, but it is common to place different antennas on such a vehicle. As a result, it is not required to re-evaluate the vehicle each time a small part of the geometry is changed.

Note: Depending on the complexity of the model, this operation may require a significant amount of time.

The history of a CAD model is also removed when CAD fixing is required. The CAD fixing tools only operate on primitive parts. If the model is not a primitive part, it must be converted to a primitive part.