Using Batch Meshing to Mesh a Model

A simple example is given to show how to mesh an existing model or modify multiple variables and remeshing the model.

As an example, Example 1 of the Feko Getting Started Guide will be meshed using the batch meshing tool (Dipole_Example.cfx).

  1. Open the Feko terminal.
  2. [Optional] Change the directory to where the file is located.
    Note: If the directory is not changed to where the file is located, the path can be included in the file name.
  3. Launch the batch meshing tool and mesh (without modifying the values of any variables).
    cadfeko_batch Dipole_Example.cfx
  4. Launch the batch meshing tool, modify the variables h and radius, re-evaluate and remesh the model.
    cadfeko_batch Dipole_Example.cfx -#h=lambda/4 -#radius=1.8e-3