Disabling the CADFEKO Solution Configuration

Disable all solution related operations in CADFEKO to edit the .pre file in EDITFEKO.

On the Solve/Run tab, in the Solution settings group, click the  Enable solution icon.

Disabling the CADFEKO solution enables the Enable solution icon. All solution settings are unavailable and any existing settings are ignored when saving the model. The settings are maintained and can be re-instated by enabling the solution again. Dielectric media can be created, but their material parameters cannot be set.

Clicking Enable solution will re-enable all the solution settings and rename the existing .pre file to name_orig_x.pre (x is an extension chosen to ensure that no existing file is overwritten). After re-enabling the CADFEKO solution, all settings made exclusively in the name_orig_x.pre file is ignored, and only solution components and settings defined in CADFEKO are used in the solution.