Setting up the PBS Job Template File

The job template file contains a set of instructions for the PBS cluster. This list of commands is used for each sweep configuration when submitting the runs to the cluster.

Note: Before submitting jobs to the cluster, verify the settings with the PBS administrator.
  1. Open the file in a text editor (Notepad++ recommended).
    Note: For Windows workstations, set the end of line character (EOL) to Unix(LF).
    The following template is displayed.
    # Simple example for a job script for using Altair Feko 
    # with a queuing system (PBS, ...)
    # -------------------------------------------------------------
    # General settings for PBS
    #PBS -l select=2:ncpus=4
    #PBS -l walltime=1:30:00
    #PBS -k oe
    #PBS -V
    # General settings for the Altair Feko job
    # Point to the Altair Feko installation from the PBS Home directory
    cd $PBS_HOME
    . ../../opt/altair/2018.2/altair/feko/bin/initfeko
  2. Change the #PBS -l select instruction to the required number of compute nodes and cores to be used per run, for example, #PBS -l select=2:ncpus=4 indicates that two compute nodes and four cores are used per run.
  3. Change the #PBS -l walltime = Hours:Minutes:Seconds instruction to the expected runtime of a job.
  4. [Optional] Add additional #PBS instructions as required, for example, to direct output of error feedback to a custom directory.
  5. Change the location from the $PBS_HOME directory to point to the Feko installation.
  6. Save the file file.