Merging the Results

Execute the combine_rcs_sweep_results.lua in POSTFEKO to merge the results completed from the cluster run.

  1. Open POSTFEKO and run the combine_rcs_sweep_results.lua macro.
    The Combine RCS sweep results dialog is shown.

    Figure 1. The Combine RCS sweep results dialog.
  2. Click Browse to navigate to the .xml summary file for the RCS sweep configuration(s).
  3. Click Merge to start a new POSTFEKO session to merge the RCS sweep data.
    The RCS sweep dialog is shown, indicating the merging progress.

    Figure 2. The RCS sweep dialog.
  4. Complete the process by clicking OK to acknowledge the messages.
    • If some of the results did not converge a warning dialog is displayed listing the runs that were ignored during the combination stage.

      Figure 3. The Combine RCS sweep results dialog.

      Click OK to complete the combination process.

    • Once the merged data is stored, the following dialog is displayed. Click OK to finish the process.

      Figure 4. The Combine RCS sweep results dialog.
  5. View the combined data in POSTFEKO.
    The combined sweep results are saved under Stored data.

    Figure 5. The combined RCS sweep results under stored data in the project browser.