Altair Inspire 2019.3.1

Altair Inspire version 2019.3.1 includes the following new features and enhancements.

New Print3D Module

Inspire 2019.3.1 includes a new additive manufacturing solution. Using the tools on the Print3D tab, you can prepare a part for printing, orient it to the print bed, generate print supports, and export a file containing the prepared part and supports for 3D printing. You can also run a simulation of the 3D printing process and analyze the print part for displacement, von Mises stress, temperature, nodal temperature, and plastic strain.

Select and Prepare Parts for 3D Printing
Use the Print Part tool to select which parts to prepare for 3D printing, and to assign a material to the selected parts.
Configure the Printer
Set up the simulation so that it uses the same configuration options as your own 3D printer or the printer you will use to print the part. Use the Printer tool to choose from several standard printers, or configure the options to match a specific printer.
Orient the Print Parts
Use the Orientation tool to orient your part in relation to the printing bed. Different orientations can help reduce printing time or the need for supports. The support preview updates dynamically as you rotate the model, allowing you to optimize the orientation according to your design needs and goals. Use the Orientation table to save and compare different orientations with respect to support area, support volume, and printing time.
Generate Print Supports
Supports are used both to anchor the part and to extract heat from it during the printing process, and are removed afterward. Different types of supports should be used depending on your design and manufacturing goals. Inspire Print 3D provides many options to configure the shape, size, and spacing of supports using both the Support tool and the Preferences.
Preview Slices of the Parts to Print
Additive manufacturing produces the best results when there are gradual changes in the surface of the part. Review slices that the printer will generate using the Slice tool to verify that there are no critical changes from one layer to the next.
Export Parts and Supports for Printing
Export a file containing the prepared part and supports for 3D printing using the Export tool.
Run a 3D Printing Analysis
Use the Analyze tool to run a 3D printing process simulation. You can view, animate, and plot the results in order to detect and prevent possible problems such as excessive deformation and stresses, recoating, cracks, and other critical defects prior to printing.

Known Issues for Inspire Print3D

Following are known issues for the Inspire Print3D 2019.3.1 release:

  • When using the Print 3D module, materials should only be assigned or changed using the Print Part tool. Assigning a material using the part context menu or the Property Editor will instead assign an Inspire structural material, which should be ignored.
  • To change the orientation of all the print parts in an assembly simultaneously, you’ll need to first combine all of the parts in the assembly into a single solid using the Boolean Combine tool on the Geometry ribbon.
  • If you orient or rotate a part that belongs to a larger assembly in order to prepare the part for 3D printing, that part will no longer be in the correct orientation with respect to the assembly. We recommend creating an instance of the part to use for the 3D printing analysis and configuring off the original part prior to orienting the instance.