Export Motion Results

Export motion analysis results using the Export button on the Run Motion Analysis window.

You can also export plots and other data in CSV format by selecting a plot.

Export the Motion Model

Export the motion model with analysis settings as a MotionView file (.mdl) or MotionSolve py file (.py).

  1. Hover over the Analyze tool and click the Run Settings icon.

  2. Change the settings in the Run Motion Analysis window as desired.

  3. Click the Export button and select a unit system for export.
  4. Choose a directory and a name for your file, then click Save. If exporting in .mdl format, you also get supplemental .x_t and .png files.
Tip: If a feature is suppressed, it will not be exported with the .mdl file when you click Export.

Export MotionSolve Plant Models to Activate

When you click the Export button on the Run Motion Analysis Settings window, the MDL file that is saved includes plant model information (MS Plant) for motors and actuators, making it easy to replace built-in PID controller models from Motion with detailed Activate block diagram (1-D) solutions.

The exported MDL creates a plant model representation of any PID controllers contained in your motion model. To provide signals from your actuator/motor to the plant model:

  1. If your motor or actuator has a Controller Type that is set to Soft Constraint in the Property Editor, change it to PID.

  2. Make sure the Provide Signals to Plant option is enabled.
  3. In the Run Motion Analysis window, click the Export button and select a unit system for export.
  4. Name the file and save it as an .mdl file.

Export Plots, Images, Loads, and Locations

Export results data such as plots, images, loads and locations in various formats.

Prerequisite: Run a motion analysis. When complete, a check icon appears and the Review Motion Results tool is activated.
  1. Select an object to plot in the modeling window or Model Browser. The chart will appear.
  2. Right-click on the chart to see a list of what can be exported. (The list of options will change based on the type of entity selected.)

  3. Select what type of data to export.
    • Select Export > CSV to export results to .csv format.
    • Select Export > CSV (Output Steps Only) to export only the output steps to .csv format (when there are motion contacts in the model).
    • Select Export > Image to export the plot chart as a .png
    • Select Export > Loads on parts to export loads to .csv format. Available for parts only.
    • Select Export > Connection Locations to export locations of part connections to .csv format. Available for parts only.
  4. Right-click to exit the review mode.
  • If you make a change to the model that requires running a reanalysis, the check icon disappears, and you will not be able to export plot data until you run another motion analysis.
  • Plot settings on the Run Motion Analysis window must be set to All and Global in order to export loads on parts. Otherwise the Export Loads option is disabled in the plot context menu for the chart.
    Below is an example of a sample .csv file.