Run Analysis

Use to run a quick thinning analysis when designing sheet metal parts that are thinned from flat blanks. Then interactively view the results using the Analysis Explorer.

  1. Click the button on the Thinning icon.
    The Run Analysis window opens.

  2. Click Run. Use the Run Status window to monitor the progress of the run.
  3. When the run completes, click the green flag on the Thinning icon or double-click the name of the run in the Run Status window to view the results.

  • A thinning analysis can only be performed on a midsurface, not solid geometry. If CAD data for the midsurface is not directly available, use the Midsurface tool in Inspire to extract one.
  • Material properties are assigned using the Materials tool on the Structure ribbon or the part context menu. The casting add-on only supports Inspire materials. For user-defined materials created in Inspire, the add-on creates a thinning equivalent by using the yield stress and changing the strength coefficient, but does not change the strain hardening and anisotropy values.
  • Thickness can be defined using the Property Editor, accessed by pressing F3.