Simulation Results

Discover options to review, display, and export results.

The software produces results for the duration of a simulation. The bulk of these results are produced are based on the scope, display and signal exporter blocks in a given model. Such blocks track the progress and capture outcomes for various aspects of a simulation. The software also provides default information including the elapsed time of a simulation run and warning messages.

Common Messages

As soon as you start a simulation, the software provides the following results in the OML Command Window: model name, status and elapsed time:

Simulation [_SCP_Demo_Predator_prey_fising_control ] information:
Result: Success
State: Stopped
Elapsed time: 1 seconds
Simulation time: 30
The software issues a warning in the OML Command Window for any error that occurs during the simulation phases. For example, if a model includes blocks with port sizes that do not match, the software issues the following error:
Error: Incompatible port sizes.
2 --> 1 ( 23 )
Block(s): Mux Scope_2
Model: SCP_Demo_Predator_prey_fishing_control

Simulation [_SCP_Demo_Predator_prey_fising_control ] information:
Result: Failure
State: Stopped
Percent complete: 0% 
Elapsed time: 0 seconds
Simulation time: 0 

For information about common errors, see: Troubleshooting