Spice Custom Block

Define electronic components with the SpiceCustomBlock.

The SpiceCustomBlock lets you leverage SPICE netlists to create new or modify existing electronic components in your model. The block is fully customizable including its ports, parameters and simulation function.
  1. From the Palette Browser, select Activate > CustomBlocks > SpiceCustomBlock. Drag the block into your diagram and double-click it.
    The block dialog appears with tabs for Parameters, Reporting and Advanced features.
  2. From the Parameters tab, select the SPICE Netlist button.

  3. Enter your netlist code:
    • In the SPICE Netlist Editor that appears, enter a netlist or copy and paste code from an existing netlist file.
    • If you would like to enter the netlist code yourself, but are not familiar with SPICE, click the button. In the SPICE netlist field, the skeleton code is added for you. To view the code in the SPICE Netlist Editor, click the netlist button .

  4. On the Parameters tab, enter the information for the voltage inputs/outputs and the current outputs that are required for the block.

    Enter the voltage output ports as list or select them through the dialog.

  5. Click OK.