Different menus in CoMan provide quick access to different functionalities.

Menu items will be disabled if the corresponding function is currently not available or applicable. Further view dependent options are selectable in the context menus of the different views which can be reached from the context menu.

File Menu

Table 1. CoMan File menu.
Menu Item Description
New Project Create new project
Open Project Open project
Close Project Close active project
Save Project Save (overwrite) active project
Save Project As Save active project with new name(Optionally the project can be saved in the format of a former software version)
Open Result Open result database
Close Result Close active result database
Save Result Save (overwrite) active result database
Save Result As Save active result database with new name
Page Setup Open Print page configuration dialog
Print Preview Open print preview window
Print Print 2D View
Import Import data from different formats
Export Export data to different formats
Recent file list List of recently used projects
Exit Close the CoMan application

Edit Menu

Table 2. CoMan Edit menu.
Menu Item Description
Undo Undo command
Redo Redo command
Global Settings Open Global Settings dialog
Local Settings Open Local Settings dialog
Select Object Activate Selection Tool
Pixel Data Operations for modification of pixel databases

Project Menu

Table 3. CoMan Project menu.
Menu Item Description
Parameter Open System Configuration dialog
Component Catalog Open Component Catalog dialog
Define Prediction Area (Rectangle) Activate Prediction Area Tool
Additional Data Activate Additional Data Tool
Object Different operations on node objects
Print Report Print project report

Computation Menu

Table 4. CoMan Computation menu.
Menu Item Description
Compute Project Start computation of whole project, thus run all possible predictions successively. (Wave propagation for a specified area, wave propagation for a node location as well as network and connectivity predictions)
Compute All Start computation for all nodes
Compute Modified Start computation for all nodes which have been modified
Compute Selected Start computation for selected nodes
Cancel Computation Stop current computation task
Auto Calibration Start calibration of wave propagation model and materials

Analysis Menu

Table 5. CoMan Analysis menu.
Menu Item Description
Object Information Activate Object Information Tool
Show Paths Activate Path Visualization Tool
Show Threshold Activate Threshold Tool
Mouse Meter Activate Mouse Meter Tool
Calculator Launch Windows Calculator Application

Image Menu

Table 6. CoMan Image menu.
Menu Item Description
Configuration Open Image Configuration dialog
Move Image Activate Image Move Tool
Scale Image Activate Image Scale Tool
Scale Image Via Line Activate Image Scale Tool in line mode

View Menu

Table 7. CoMan View menu.
Menu Item Description
Standard Bar Show or hide Standard toolbar
View Bar Show or hide View toolbar
Edit Bar Show or hide Edit toolbar
Analysis Bar Show or hide Analysis toolbar
Project Bar Show or hide Project toolbar
Status Bar Show or hide Status Bar
Show File Browser Open File Browser
Show Output View Open Output View
Clear Output View Clear content of Output View
Show Rulers Show or hide rulers of 2D View
Show 3D View Show or hide 3D View
Show Legend Show or hide Legend View
Show Information Show or hide Information View
Zoom In Zoom in (2D View)
Zoom Out Zoom out (2D View)
Zoom Prediction Area Adjust zooming to display whole prediction area (only if area prediction is selected)
Zoom Total Adjust zooming to display whole database

Window Menu

Table 8. CoMan Window menu.
Menu Item Description
Cascade Cascade several project windows
Tile Horizontal Tile project windows horizontally
Tile Vertical Tile project windows vertically
Arrange Icons Arrange icons of ionized project windows
Window List List with all open project windows

? (Help) Menu

Table 9. CoMan Menu.
Menu Item Description
User Manual Open CoMan User Manual
Software Status ... Check if software updates / new service packs are available
About Open About dialog