User Interface Layout

View the main elements and terminology in the ProMan graphical user interface (GUI).

  1. Standard toolbar
    The standard toolbar gives access to commonly used menu items including New Project, Open Project, Open Result, and Save.
  2. Project toolbar
    The project toolbar gives access to tools related to editing project parameters, transmitters, sites, prediction points and launching simulations.
  3. Component toolbar
    The component toolbar gives access to tools related to components, including add cable, add antenna, and add transceiver.
  4. Status bar
    The Status bar is a small toolbar that gives quick access to absolute coordinates at the location of the mouse cursor in the 2D view.
  5. Utility toolbar
    The utility toolbar gives quick access to, for example, ray display settings, line plot, and probability density function.
  6. Edit toolbar
    The edit toolbar gives quick access to editing tools such as zooming to result, zooming to prediction area, enabling the 3D view and display settings.
  7. Tree view
    The tree view is a panel that organizes the model into network configuration-specific items and propagation results.
  8. 2D view/3D view
    If the 2D view is enabled, the 2D view displays a top view of the model. If the 3D view is enabled, an isometric view of the model is displayed.
  9. Legend
    The legend is displayed to the right of the 2D view or 3D view and is linked to the displayed data.