Altair® Monarch® Server


Configuring a Process Run

Processes can be run in different ways:

q  Manually

q  Via a process schedule trigger

q  Via inputs monitoring trigger

q  Via manifests monitoring trigger

q  Via content system file receiving

To configure a manual process run

1.     On the Processes page, select the Visual Process process by clicking anywhere on the row, and then click the Edit icon vpd_edit.png.

2.     On the Visual Process Designer toolbar, click the Save and Run icon vpd_11.png to save the process and launch its execution.

3.     The notification of the status of the process run is displayed. In our example, the Process Completed dialog box is shown.

You can choose to go Back to Designer Mode or Stay in Log Mode. For details about Log Mode, refer to the About Process Logs topic below.


To configure a process run via triggers

1.     Click the Triggers icon vpd_8.png  to modify the process triggers settings.



2.     Select the required trigger (e.g., inputs monitoring trigger).



For details about Visual Processes with manifest monitoring, refer to the Automator Administrator’s Guide.






3.     To add a file from the process, expand the Process inputs section, and press the Add icon near the input path. In our example, the file path for ClassicJan.prn appears. This is added to the Monitoring Paths list.



To add a file not from the process, expand the Browse section, set the file path, and click the Add button.


When the file arrives in the specified location, Automator will trigger the running of the associated process.

4.     Click Ok.



Select the Disable Triggers button to disable triggers.