Altair® Monarch® Server


Specifying Job Log Disposition Settings

We can now specify job log disposition settings for our process. When a process runs, it spawns a job, for which a log file is generated. Job log disposition settings determine what will be done with the job log after a process is run and under what circumstances the specified disposition will occur.

After specifying job log disposition settings, we will specify a Custodian schedule. The Custodian is responsible for carrying out the specified job log disposition, which does not automatically occur when jobs are run. The Custodian allows you to schedule these operations so that a convenient time that does not conflict with busy processing times can be chosen.



It is possible to set default settings for job log disposition which are automatically applied to all new processes created. However, you can still override them on a per process basis if you want. For more information about configuring default settings for job log disposition, refer to the Default Job Log Disposition topic in the web help.







1.     On the Navigation Tree, click Automator, and select Standard Processes.

2.     On the Processes page, select the January Sales process by clicking anywhere on the row, and then click Edit button.

3.     On the displayed select the Job Disposition tab.

4.     Under Job Log Disposition we can choose one of the following:

·          Leave the job log where it is

·          Remove it (delete from the database)

·          Move it to another location

The default value is Leave. This specifies that the job logs will remain in the database. We have no need to delete or move the job logs at this point, so we will leave this setting as it is.



If we had chosen to delete or move the job logs, we would then specify Apply Disposition by Job Status settings. For information on these settings, refer to the Specifying Job Log Disposition Settings topic in the web help. In addition, we would need to specify a Custodian schedule which is responsible for implementing the job log disposition settings.