Altair® Monarch®


Overview: Printing Summary Data

When Monarch Classic prints summary data, it prints as many columns as will fit across the page. If all of the columns will not print on a page, the remaining columns are wrapped to the next page. The amount of information that will fit on each page is determined by several factors:

  • Font size: Font size has a dramatic effect on the amount of data that fits on each page. Many summaries that display key values across are too wide to fit on a page. To fit the entire width of the summary on the page, you may need to select a smaller font size, such as 6 or 7 points. See Selecting a Font in the Summary Window.

  • Margins: The margins affect how close text is allowed to print to the edge of the page. You can use the margin settings to make small adjustments to the amount of text that will fit on each page. See Setting Margins and Print Options in the Summary Window.

  • Orientation: The paper orientation setting specifies the direction that text will print. For wide tables, set the paper orientation to Landscape. See Selecting Paper Size and Orientation in the Summary Window.

As you experiment with these settings, you can use the Print Preview command to observe the effects. See Previewing a Print Operation in the Summary Window.