Altair® Monarch®


Previewing a Print Operation in the Summary Window

Use the Print Preview window to preview the effects of your print settings before printing.


  1. Select File tab, Print, then Print Preview. The Print Preview window appears.

  2. Print Preview displays your table data as it will appear when printed. Use Print Preview to verify that your font selection, margins, page header and other settings are correct.

  3. Select viewing options using the icons at tools at the top of the window:

    • Print: Choose to begin printing

    • Page Setup: Choose to display the Page Setup dialog, with which you can set margins for printing

    • Page Orientation: Select Portrait or Landscape

    • Zoom: Select 100%, Whole Page, or Fit-to-Page,

    • Printer: select from available printers

    • Page Size: select from available page sizes supported by your printer.

  4. Select a page using the page number selector at the bottom.