Altair® Monarch®


Duplicating Fields, Functions, Filters, or Sorts

When creating several similar fields, functions, filters, or sorts,  you can save time by using the first definition as the starting point for subsequent definitions. Monarch Classic makes this process easy.


  1. Display the properties window for a specific field type or definition by selecting the appropriate tool on the Table Design ribbon:

  2. Display the properties of a definition by selecting it on the selector.

  3. Select Duplicate on the Table Design ribbon. A copy of the currently selected definition is automatically created. The definition type is used as the default name for the copy.

  4. For instance, if you duplicate a formula field, the duplicate's name will be Formula Field. If you create a second duplicate, that field will be named Formula Field1.

    If you duplicate a filter, the duplicate filter's default name will be Filter.

  5. Rename and edit the duplicate as required.